40 facts. NO LYING.

1. I wear glasses, never lenses.
2. I hate school, because it's shitty.
3. I enjoy doing homeworks, sometimes.
4. I listen to classical music, somehow it calms me.
5. I hate bitches and i'm definitely not one of'em.
6. I'm a sleepyhead, it's never easy to wake up an insomniac like me.
7. I am an acrophobia (fear of heights), it's really terrifying to see the ground from above.
8. I love Toblerone, Cadbury, Galaxy, Maltesers, Kitkat, M&M's & Quality Street, oh heaven.
9. I can write hiragana characters, i didn't have time to excel Katakana & Kanji.
10. I don't wear earrings, i don't have a hole actually.
11. I'm a Harry Potter fan, Daniel Radcliffe's not included.
12. I hate winter, because it's too cold.
13. My room is always in a mess, i can't keep it clean.
14. I can't take care of a pet, i can't even touch them.
15. I'm skinny, i can't get fat even if i ate a hundreds of chocolate bars.
16. I love William Shakespeare, inspired actually.
17. I don't show off my talents to people, because i hate being arrogant.
18. I'm almost 24 hours online, i just can't stop.
19. I used to be scared of sleeping alone in the dark, but now i can't even shut my eyes when the room's bright.
20. I love white, it's like a symbol of purity.
21. I can't go anywhere without my iPod, it's my treasure.
22. I like junk food, also, i don't have to worry about my weight.
23. I can't ride a two wheels bicycle, how lame.
24. I love Maths, it trains my brain to think deeply.
25. I prefer texting than calling, it saves my credit, lol.
26. Starbucks is reaaaalllllyyyyyy my favorite, but also is reaaaalllllyyyyyy expensive, geez, no discount?! =_=
27. My hair is really a mess, God i hate beauty salons.
28. I'm an Indonesian, but i don't really "speak" like an "Indonesian".
29. Living in Egypt is boring, i'd die if i had no friends.
30. I smile often, I try not to be stressed.
31. I'm rude, but caring.
32. I have a lot of best friends abroad, and dying to meet them.
33. I hate drinking milk, it makes me feel.. queasy.
34. I love rain, but i hate wind.
35. I love Emo, but not Emo songs.
36. I'm a Moslem, and lovin it.
37. Jeans, skirts, shirts and sneakers are what i put in the category of "casual clothes of mine"
38. I hate make ups.
39. I'm a Photogenic, narcist.
40. I really love someone, and i just feel like i wanna hate him because he really tortures my mind. does he know? i doubt so, he's got someone anyway..