i'm beginning to sketch alot. most of them are character drawings from various kinds of manga. such as "Rurouni Kenshin" and "L" from death note. Or, random characters, like "The Guitarist", which is a boy who wears glasses, baggy shirt and jeans, and his hair is like "L", it's my most favorite sketch.
and "The Singer" which is one the random characters, a guy who's singing and at the same time he plays the guitar, it's not very special because the guitar is out of sight.
i'm working on "The Drummer" sketch, because i want to make a whole dozen sketches of musicians.
wish me luck!



hah, it's been ages since i've wrote topics of my life in here. well, i've been really busy. I've just moved to a new apartment, it didn't really please me, I loved the old apartment coz i've been living there for 5 years entirely, so there are dozens of memories i've kept in there, either it was painful or beautiful, and i'm not the only individual who've kept it.
let's see, the new apartment, one thing that i love from it is the view from the windows and balconies, it's in the eighth floor, pretty high, coz everytime i glance down from the window, chills run behind my back, i'm an acrophobia anyway.
the second thing, hm, in fact there's no second thing.
i want my old apartment back.
in this new building, i kinda feel that there's no other people breathing and living in it, neighbors are so quiet, that's really something unnatural when it comes from the Egyptian people, they usually talk much and discuss almost about everything. well, i just have to face everything from now on no matter how hard it is, including leaving my old apartment, i almost cried when i went there for the last time, err, not almost, actually i really cried, i even sobbed, ok now i'm embarrassed.
i forgot to mention, i kept the old apartment's key. it'll be a memorial, what do they call it? memento i guess. my stupid plan is, after 20 years, by then i'll be married and have a boy and a girl *amen*. and then i'll get a permission from my husband *i hope he's a millionaire* to visit Cairo, and then i'll check the dearest old apartment, brilliant isn't it? brilliantly stupid is what i expect you to reply.
what else?
my science mark is incredible, i usually fail at science and my maximal mark loss is usually 10 or more. hOrRibLe. well, i lost 5 marks only! uwaa, it's like a miracle! meanwhile, look at my social studies mark, it's awwwwful, i never get good marks from it anyway, for hundreds of reasons, first, the material is boring. second, the material is too long. third. the material is in heavy Arabic. fourth, the material's questionnaire is difficult and needs a lot of answering, also, in Arabic. fifth, the teacher's good, only the student is foolish and keeps forgetting the lesson she explains. sixth, i hate history. seventh, i hate geography. eighth, history makes me fall asleep in class. ninth, geography includes the necessity of memorizing the world map. and so on..
i have to go now, am online thanks to the telephone cable, the telephone tax will be expensive because of me, and i'll be grounded, which means, no online, which means, bullshit.