i got weird questions running inside my head, maybe these are considered one of them. It's all because of history, chemistry and physics, ugly sisters!! +_+

Who do you want to win for president?
eer, maybe my dad? or my granddad, but he's really old. So it should be one of my family generation, so i'd have plenty of maids, servants, and of course, butchers! And maybe my home would be very enormous like the white house *white house? i'm already in a house painted white* but i'll find it very difficult to reach the kitchen from my bedroom, coz the house will be very large, so i might use a scooter.
There must be an internet and a plasma TV with MTV channel and Cartoon Network is a must, and also NBA, i love watching basketball matches <3

If you could relive one moment of your life, what would it be?
this one's quite hard coz there're dozens of moments i wanted it to be relived, such as my birthdays, when all of my friends were still here, and they all looked so cute with their cute haircuts.
the happy-new-year celebrations, especially in 2008, not quite far right?
times when humam, noris and ecce were still here, when we were playing cards, taking pictures, shopping, throwing butter and eggs to each other, practicing basketball, staying out all night, going to the movies together, seeing them dating, riding rollercoasters *the scariiest*, and doing all things together :(
i also wish to see the moment i've met everyone who're now so dear to me.
and the moment when i started to learn internet for the first time, i didn't know what a password was and i kept telling it to everybody.
the time when i was asked to be a monster's girlfriend, lol, now you're still a monster :P
but it's useless to have a great desire of walking back to the past because it'll never happen.

we may memorize and treasure the memories forever, but never rely on them.
we may glance at the past, but never look.

What's your favorite old-school song?
gee, frankly, i never sing at school or any other place except the apartment bathroom. especially my school is an Egyptian school and i happen to hate everything about Egyptian songs! even in the morning line i don't sing their national song no matter how many times the teachers yell to me "SING!! SING!! WHERE'S YOUR VOICE???!"
so distracting goddammit.

If you could hang out with any celebrities you want, who would it be?
well, am not really interested in celebrities.. but.. is daniel radcliffe's included???? *seems like i'm really NOT interested +_+
one of my friends always say to me whenever i mention to them about daniel radcliffe, "you still love that sex machine?"
yikes, i feel noxious.
the truth is that i don't like hanging out with people that i don't really know, that seem a stranger to me, because i'll be quiet and silent and definitely boring, as i don't know the way they behave.
can i hang out with ikuta toma please?

What is one thing you're addicted to?
haha, that's very simple.

INTERNET. i couldn't survive a day without it. this addiction relates to a number of people, it's the only way where i could be in touch with far beloved ones, besides cellphone of course, i buy credits late, so that's why i'm not addicted to the cellphone as i'm addicted to the internet, get it? +_+

What's your favorite day of a year, and why?
most of the people will answer their birth day to this question, but i'm not one of those people. see, it's "our" tradition *"our" refers to me and my friends* that every birthday of everyone of us, will be celebrated by eggs, flours, butters and water, sometimes cokes too, but of course before that the birthday dude will treat us, usually pizza. it sounds fun, but if you just felt how those stinky eggs and butters and sticky flours thrown to you, at least after that you'd stink for 10 days. just a thought of it makes me sick +_+
ok lets see, my favorite day of a year will be.. the 1st day of a new year i think. coz it's like a new beginning of a new life for me. ufuh so cliche +_+



Besok tryout aljabar ama bhs perancis :( sial males bgt gw, klw 2 pelajaran itu mah gmpg, tpi gw malesnya ngerjainnya itu loh, pelajaran ips ama ipa doang yg gw takuti, knp si harus ada tryout2 segala? kepsek byk bgt maunya, menteri byk bgt maunya, udh punya uang msi banyak maunya, suatu hkaari nanti gw klw jadi menteri pendidikan, gw bkl batalin semua tryout2 & UN2, homeschooling aja semua. *dapat diramalkan bahwa di waktu gw dipilih sebagai menteri pendidikan, anak2 yang terdidik akan berjumlah 5%, dan yg berhasil masuk kuliah berjumlah 2%*

Newayz, kenapa ya gw ngerasa gak mood terus belajar akhir2 ini? Klo gw dh semangat mau ngambil buku pelajaran gw, terus pas dibuka halaman pertama, gw jadi males bgt. Dengan cara ini, gw bisa-bisa gak akan lulus smp, dan SAMA SEKALI GAK INGIN mengulangi smp lagi, bukan karna gw malu, tapi gw udah muak dengerin teori-teori Pythagoras, revolusi-revolusi mesir, imparfaitnya bhs perancis, soal-soal aljabar yang bikin otak gw ngerasa terbelah dua *hyper, formula-formula bahan kimia, dll.

Uda ah, mo belajar nih gw, tiap gw online gw selalu bilang jam segini harus off, tapi tetep aja akhirnya pikiran gw bilang "5 menit lagi deh". Setelah 5 menit, "5 menit lagi deh". Ga berenti-berenti. Jadi skrg waktunya gw bener-bener belajar, baca setiap kalimat setiap kata setiap huruf. *Tiba-tiba mual.

Public Request : Wish me luck for the goddamn tryouts & for me being the Minister of Education.
*Please think really deeply about the second request, because it may cause the extinction of brilliant citizens. (Why do I suddenly consider them as "endangered animals"?)