#1 News: "Change of Format"

I can't believe this. Toni had changed our band format:
Me: from vocal to guitar melody
Dede: from guitar melody to guitar bass
Linda: still a guitar rythm
Azza: from guitar bass to drummer
Mery (Linda's big sister, not to mention Toni's girlfriend): from nothingness to vocalist

How i feel about it?

Happy, but at the same time, i'm really disappointed in Toni. I mean, I didn't want Mery to join our band, coz she's really old. Well, maybe Azza is as old as her, but we needed Azza. Coz Azza can play well, meanwhile, Mery can't even pick guitar strings +_+
And i feel bad for Dede, she really liked and was finally settled with guitar melody, then, suddenly Toni changed her into a bassist. Imagine how she'd lift the bass guitar +_+
Mainly, me and Dede the ones who got really distracted. Mind you, first of all we started acoustic, meaning playing wooden guitars, not the electric ones, and without drums. We practiced ourselves to hell two acoustic songs. Then, we received his phone call with shocking news. "Don't play acoustic, play a band."
FCUK, he hadn't even listened how we play acoustically. And how are we supposed to find a drummer? None of us can play drums. And obviously, none of us can learn to play it in a short time for about 5-6 days! I don't know what crap is Toni thinking. He only thinks of his girlfriend.
Anyway, to receive news that Mery's in the band just pisses me off the most. Hate her, and him
You're probably wondering why i feel happy. Well, the only thing that satisfied me was that, I won't sing. I don't feel that my voice is good, although they keep telling me it is. I don't have faith in my voice.
One relief, tens of disappointment.

#2 News: "No Part of the Show"

Hmm, after all that arguments with Toni. We finally settled our band format and ourselves down. We began to pick some music and practice it everyday.
Suddenly, on our third day of practicing, we received a phone that told us a shitty news.
"We're sorry, you're unable to perform on Friday."
WHHYYYY GOOODDDDDD??? Why our band??!?!
Anyway, we 'celebrated' our sadness together and faced the horrible news and continued practicing for any upcoming party.
God, it was such a horrible weekend

#3 News: "Movin'"
We're moving to a better apartment, mom hated the previous one that she never did any works at home. I mean, works that moms are supposed to do, like cleaning, blablabla. So whenever she's pissed she gets more lazier. So I get to do all the chores capedeh
Anyhow, now that we've moved to a better place that looks like heaven, she became brighter and happier. The apartment indeed looks bigger even though it's actually smaller. Oh ok that doesn't make sense. It just looks great even though we have tons of stuff. I also got a strong signal wireless, maybe it's from the internet cafe down the street.
My entire family are satisfied, finally, a great news. Lol

#4th News: "Skater Boy & the Other & Another"

I'm talking about boys. Ladies and Gentlemen, I got crushes. Hahaha, don't laugh. Anyway, warning you, they're only crushes. Means that I just like them, but not seriously like them. I just love their styles and their coolness. I'm not telling names. The hell I'M NOT.

#1 S
kater Boy:
Okay, he's not really a skater, but he looks like one. He doesn't seem so cute in his pictures, but in real life he's a lot different. He always wears cap. Sometimes he wears glasses, i mean, blind eye glasses. But he still looks cool. He has a band and he's the vocalist. I melt when I see him sing
cinta . Oh and btw, I don't talk to him. We're like strangers +_+ But I don't mind. As I told you, I'm not really into these guys :P


#2 The Other:
A basketball player. Maybe he's a lot different than Skater Boy. He has a dark skin, black-brownish straight hair, cute, cute and cute. And an excellent playmaker. Seems like he's the coolest player in his team. I mean his techniques of playing. He seems quiet. But that's not bad at all :P If one day he's participating in NBA, i'll be the cheerleader
cheerleader. I don't talk to him either. He's not important. Lol.


#3 Another:
Now, this one's a lot different from those two. A guys who plays bass guitar in his band. He has a bright skin, black straight hair followed by Nirvana's Cobain hairstyle. Not to mention a deep fan of Nirvana +_+ He's so close with me. I talk to him almost about everything like love, family issues, friendship obstacles, gossips. He almost knows more than half of my secrets. The thing that attracted me to him is that he cares about me. Really really cares. For example if i don't stay still in a crowded place and behave myself, he'd be there and warn me not to do so. And one day I asked him why does he do that, he said, coz it's embarrassing, people may say bad things about me and he doesn't like that coz I'm like his lil sister that no one can mess with.
Fine, laugh out. He only considers me as his lil sister. That's rational. Why? Coz there's a seven years between our age. That's a lot. A LOTT. And I don't date guys who are older than me more than five years. It's like I'm dating my own brother. So gross.
I like this guy, no, I love him. As a brother that I'll always treasure. Hey, that rhymes. I'm thinking of making a song for him. Btw, he lifts me home alot. Such a brother, it's nice to know that someone cares

#5 News: "Unblessed Couple"

I'm such a devil-whore. Dede 'got married' with Ochan. I'm just surprised, you know. Considering Dede just do that without a second thought? I mean, did she even think about it? Darn. What the hell's wrong with her? Is Ochan's more important than her friendship with Azza? Or with Azza's feelings? Maybe Dede's Drunk. Now Azza has got no spirits to do anything. But her wound healed a bit. She agreed joining our band. Hm, that's a start. But it gets annoying whenever Dede's stupid boyfriend comes to our rehearsal.

Okay, that's it. No more news. I bet you're tired reading and your eyes are already sore. Mine too. Hahaha. Gotta go pray. See ya



Ooooooooooooooh bloggerrrrrrrr. Gue udah lama banget gak ngisiii..! Hhehe. Mayan sibuk, gk sibuk doang sih, emang males nulis dsini. haiahihahaiha pisso.
Niwei, kemarin ultah Lynda yang k-16. Hihi. Yah, dia emang gak ngerayain atau bikin acara atau whatsoever, tapi, tetep aja gue ma temen-temen yang lainnya mau beliin hadiah. Hitung-hitung atas kebaikan dia selama ini. Cailaahhhh oow.
Dia emang baik banget sih, tanpa gue sadari, dia udah jadi sahabat gue sekarang. Karena semua rahasia tentang gue, dia tau. Gak disangka juga sih, padahal dulu gak pernah akrab sama dia. Hmmh.
Pokoknya, kita beli hadiah ultah bwat dia bareng-bareng. Jadi semua patungan. Haha emang gini mulu ah kalo ada yang ultah, hadiah gak pernah sendiri-sendiri, semua patungan saking bokeknya. Wajaaaaar wajaaaaaar, pelajar-pelajar yang sering sakit kanker, aliassss, KANtong KERing. MuAHHAAH. Udah deh, yang penting senang, uang bukan segala-galanya. Tapi dollar, iya. (beuh, sama aja!)
Kita bener-bener puyeng nyari hadiah bwt Lynda. Hmmh gak puyeng-puyeng amat sih. Jadi yang ngurus tuh gue, Azza, Hendra, Mamad. Gue, kerjanya, nelpon-nelpon dan SMS-SMS orang-orang yang akrab sama Lynda. Untuk apa? Tanya apa! Ngajak patungan. Biar masing-masing bayarnya murah. HUEE......... Tapi gue maju loh dalam pekerjaan gue ini. Tanya kenapa, pembaca? Karena 14 orang setuju untuk ikut patungan! YIHAA.
Ok ok, Azza kerjanya, nyari hadiah. Gue udah kayak sekertarisnya di mall, buntut-buntutin dia kemana-mana pake HP nelpon + SMS.
Mamad dan Hendra kerjanya apa? Bayar hadiah. Hahhaa. Abis gue sama Azza bokek. Kita cuma bisa bayar uang patungan doang. Hihihihi.
Pasti kalian-kalian penasaran apa hadiahnya?????????? HOHOHOHOH.
Tebaklah, ladies and gentlemen. Hadiahnya adalah.................
Celengan babi.
Ndaklah, hoho. Hadiahnya celana yang selalu Lynda dambakan dari kapan tahu, karena kemahalan, dia gak bisa beli. Akhirnya kita beliin juga. Hmm. Celananya model skinny jeans warna biru tua. Pokoknya dia udah lama banget pengen beli, tapi uangnya gak cukup mulu.
Pada gak bisa bayangin deh muka Lynda pas dia liat hadiahnya. Hahahhaa.
Eh tapi, bukan itu doang loh hadiahnya, masih ada lagi ;))
Nah hadiah yang satunya, aksesoris yang dia bilang dia suka pas kita jalan-jalan ke mall kemaren. Ada kalung dan anting-anting yang dia sukaaaa banget. Terus lagian, dia gak pernah pake anting-anting karena dirumahnya gak ada yang pas ama seleranya, akhirnya gue ama Azza beliin juga yang dia suka. Hahah. Pokoknya dia ampe nangis terharu gitu deh pas liat kadonyaterharu .

Selanjutnya, abis pulang dari latian basket. Azza nangis gitu, dia lagi sakit hati, soalnya mantannya, yang dia masi sayang, jadian ama orang lain. Dia tiba-tiba nangis di bis gitu pas kita di perjalanan pulang. Terus, gue kan kaget gitu dia nangis, untung yang di bis masih ada Sadam sama Lynda. Jadi kita bertiga hibur-hibur dia gitu. Eufh gue gak suka banget sama mantannya Azza itu. Emang dari dulu sih. Gak tau Azza suka apanya dari dia. Mantan gue kayaknya jauh lebih mending. Eh, atau mereka sama ya? Eh, gak tau deng (KARINA BOHOOONGGGG!makanorang ).

Kalo dipikir-pikir, sahabat-sahabat gue tambah banyak looh, sekarang banyak yang care sama gue. Selain Lynda, ada Azza juga n Sadam. Yah, emang sih Sadam orangnya cuek dan EMBERRR, tapi ttp aja lo bakal nyesel klo gak ngmng sama dia. Orangnya pinter sih. Jadi banyak nasehatnya yang jitu. Hueee.. geer dia kalau baca ini. Lupa dibilang, orangnya geeran banget. BEUH.

Oya, gue lupa kasitau tentang kemajuan band wannabe kita. Blekh. Masa k'Toni mau gue megang gitar Melody sambil nyanyi? Nan desu ka? Itu susah banget! (Sok tau, nyoba aja belon). Tapi gue terpaksa sih nyanyi sambil megang gitar. Gue juga kan emang pengen megang gitar diam-diam, cuma karena gak ada lagi yang bisa nyanyi (wah, sombong), jadi terpaksa gue gak megang. Tapi karena sekarang gue punya kesempatan, bolehlah! Cuma gue takut entar maennya tiba-tiba salah kedinginan. TAKUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Udah kar, banyak latian dong. GANBATTE, MINNA SAN! WISH US LUCK PLEASE! ONEGAAAAI!



Pfft. title post ini terasa begitu songong cool. Tapi, itulah faktanya, pembaca.

#1 Busy-ness:

Latian gitar.
Rencananya mau bikin band, cuma kita kekurangan drummer. Terus, rencana juga mau ikut festival musik itu. Tapi ya kita liat aja deh masi bisa pa gak, coz kita masi pemula gt. Sebenarnya sih kita gak niat mau juara atau enggak, niatnya nampil doang. Biar dilihat orangjadimalu1.
Just kidding.
Nyways, gue sempat belajar drum juga sama Kak Syam. Ternyata, ladies and gentlemen, drum itu RIBET GILA!! puyeng
Untung gue gak harus pegang drum, hanya pegang mic. HAIHAIAHIAH.

#2 Busy-ness:

Nonton Nodame Cantabil, semacam dorama Jepang. Tapi dorama ini, sanggup bikin gue tercengang! KEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRREEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN AAAAAAABBBBBBBIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS ngayal. Tapi yg paling penting, cowoknya, CCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP AAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS gila. Mulai kemarin-kemarin gue udah save banyak foto dia, terus, rencana hari ini mau cetak foto-fotonya sebanyak-banyaknya biar ditempel di tembok-tembok kamar gue. HUAHH. Ok nih gue kasi liat foto yang paling gue suka, ok? Tapi GAK BOLEH ADA YANG NAKSIR!

Tamaki Hiroshi, my ganteng senangnya1

Sejak nonton dorama ini, gue tambah pengen mewujudkan impian gue. Yaitu, bisa memain semua alat musik. Terus, suatu hari nanti gue konser piano di tempat yang paling terkenal dan terhormat di dunia. Gak harus jadi pianis deh, masuk orchestra juga boleh, asal kondukternya ganteng seperti Tamaki Hiroshiku tadi oow. yay.
Nodame Cantabil, dorama Jepang mengisahkan hidup seseorang bernama Chiaki Shinichi, cowok yang mempunya impian menjadi kondukter orchestra yang terhormat. Tapi mimpinya itu tak bisa terwujud karena ia mempunyai phobia terbang di pesawat. Lalu, Chiaki akan bertemu seorang pianis yang aneh bernama Noda Megumi yang akan merubah hidupnya dan membantunya mewujudkan impiannya.
Ah udah ah, gak mau jadi spoiler. Hhahahaaha. Ganbaree, minnnna san! bye