SIC, you twist me

I'm so confused. My parents need me to transfer to SIC (Indonesian School in Cairo).Why? Because of numerous reasons.
The disadvantages of transfering to SIC:
1.There're certain students in there who couldn't stand my presence (I feel the same way). Cheers.
2. I will attend the same classes with them.
3. I will see their hatred sparks like, for 8 hours everyday.
4. I will have to get up really earlier than usual cuz the school's really far.
5. Far from home and friends.
6. I'm gonna have to wrap my head with scarf cuz it seems that it's essential even though I'm unwilling. Yet.
7. I think there will be difficulties for me to understand Indonesian formal spoken subjects, because I'm not really used to it. Yet. Again.
8. I don't know what's it like there, since most of the teachers are the students' parents.
9. Not to mention they are dad's colleagues at work, so everything I do will be signed, sealed, delivered, reported to him. But that wouldn't be necessary. I'm gonna be nice to everyone, deliberately.
10. My little brother attends the same school so my sister duty is to protect and feed him, even if he blew my secrets. (I'm gonna choke him to death if he does).
1. My ex has got 3 ex girlfriends in Egypt. There's me, and two other girls at SIC , whom I will be in the same class with. Ironic? Couldn't agree more. He'd probably think of it as a practical joke.

I think that's enough.
It's 4 am in the morning and I'm tired. I'm gonna post the advantages some other time.

By the way, merry christmas and happy new year.



Since I'm extremely clueless about why aren't we talking anymore and you being unreasonable and self-centered, I made up my mind:
The hell I'M NOT gonna be the first one to volunteer repairing our relationship, and by relationship I mean us being FRIENDS. And I'm not apologizing for anything since I did completely nothing wrong (except that I sang the My Chemical Romance's I Don't Love You, but that's just after you pretend you don't know me, and considering it again according to our recent situation, half the lines are true.) Because you were the one who blew me off for no reason and you contacted that bitch.
What's funny, I still couldn't get you out of my psyched head despite your juvenile behaviour. I'm starting to think I'm cursed. I mean, what is there to like about you? You're everything but the good things.

I was searching randomly in my computer for any bits of you I've stored long longs ages ago. Probably I missed you.
Like, I found a song(s) you wrote and you once claimed it was inspired by me, which, I still think was a hell of a bullcrap. The last I checked it was modified in Desember 2006. Oh yes, I remember quite well those days. The ones you were being fake.

I don't feel like typing anymore.


I noticed that my previous posts were based on desperate and miserable times of my life. I was even probably exaggerating and over-melodramatic as if it was the end of the world already. Appearing like a character in a soap opera. I'd probably get the oscar award for the best actress.
But anyway, life has lots of ups and downs. I've been down. But I'm rising up. I couldn't stay gloomy all the time. I'm shining, baby, shining! Okay I'm losing it.

All in all, I wish a happy Idul Adha for all of you who're cutting sheeps and cows and all that. LOL.



If you turned the fabric of my life over, I imagined the design on the backside would be woven in the bleak grays of lonesome and diconsolation.

I don't know how to describe this, but in a short note, I'm unhappy.

I wonder what was my flaw? I've been a good girl.
I prayed five times a day.
I was sweating my ass off, got my eyes sore, studying for the monthly exam every night. But my sacrifices were pointless and in vain.
I couldn't get the gestures of a person I love, or so I thought. I'm hopeless dammit.

Are you planning to work this off?
Cause I'm tired of fighting.



Do you believe in karma?
I absolutely do. And it happened to me today, in a good way.
I don't like talking about my personal, I mean, waay too personal stuff going on my life. Je ne peux pas, maybe cuz it's plain boring or I just love being mysterious. HAHA. I've gotta be kidding myself. Allerdings, I'll pass.

weisst du, ich gehe jetzt. Denn ich glaube, I did good in the exam! HA! Deustch macht Spaß.

Herzliche Grüße



I've faced the worst Arabic exam of my life.
HA! Thank God, I screwed up. And my classmates were like shouting my name every two seconds and whispering fiercely number of questions hoping I would spill the answers which, I, myself had no idea. Why do they ask me? Specifically, ARABIC exam which is their own native language. Which they even use to spricht at times like this. This so unreasonable. I mean, if the exam was in Indonesian or other foreign lang. I wouldn't feel so bewildered. But either it's language, maths, social or whatsoever exams, the situation wouldn't vary.
Empty-headed people. And contagious. GEEZ.
I don't know why I'm writing about this. I don't ever wanna remember this time of my life. DAMMIT.