- Fashion Show is over and had gone smoothly. But all the while, I'm already missing the times we've been working our ass off just to walk properly on stage and playing billiard while waiting for our role.
And that Bali traditional wedding dress? I wanted so bad to keep it. No, not to wear it everyday. Just a memento.

Please don't laugh.

- I've got mid semester exams coming up next week. All of the fucking sudden. And I still have no knowledge on their chemistry, their economy, their geography and their sociology. Yes, I'm doomed.

- Sadam and Ochan asked me to join their band on this specific Coldplay's, The Scientist, handling keyboard. But this plan's always delayed due to various circumstances.

- I'm still single, with no crush.

- I need new sneakers.

- I became a fan of Alicia Keys, George Winston, volleyball and Indonesian traditional dances.



I had just spent the most unforgettably busiest Thursday of my life at school.
So instead of spending the day educationally like always, the principle announced the day before that we're gonna take the day arranging school's facility, replacing it with brand new ones (which is by the way, an incredibly good news), and moving the entire gazillion books in the library to another room (which is on the contrary, dog-tiring, but teamwork was amazing O.O).



I miss manipulating photos on Adobe Photoshop.
It's neither because I don't have time, nor because of my mind currently out of creative ideas. I'm just lazy, that's all.

I don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I take physics every Sunday and you know how I feel about it. Physics = eternal enemy. Also, the teacher sucks. He hasn't got any sense of humor and he gets mad incoherently whether I answer his questions or not. And gets pissed if I answered wrong. Hey Mr., people make mistakes!

My brother is ill. He has the runs and pukes like three times a day. Doctor says he has some microbes wandering around his body and it's all because he ate spoiled crabs for lunch the day before. And he has to take a few hypos. You can imagine how he cried out of his eyes when heard that. But he managed, anyway. Brave lil brother. Bravo.

My best friend's birthday is just 17 minutes away (if, my calculation is accurate). She said she's gonna hold a small party, not as big as last year. I've no idea what to buy for her. Besides my penniless wallet, I'm completely clueless when it comes to buying birthday presents, even to the closest person on earth.




Yes, I'm still loving the band Hey Monday, even though I hate the guy I named after the band's name.

Readers (if there're any), long time no read.
I've been totally frenzied with this Fashion Show crap thingy. Of which I have to wear a traditional Bali wedding dress, which looks more like a table cover wrapped around my gangling body. But I should admit that this thing is sort of amusing.
Besides that, I had been studying periodically, getting myself ready for any upcoming pop quizzes. Yes, you caught me lying.
I've been lethargic. Sitting at home like a frozen statue and everyone around me fidgeting around the house rubbing dust off. Maybe that's why I wasn't allowed to go out. But my ex had been entertaining me unintentionally despite the constant disconnection of my feeble wireless, and I already felt grateful. So rare of him to do that. LOL.
I had just watched Slumdog Millionaire. Omg. I never thought that any movie filmed in India would be exceptional, and win an oscar! Bloody terrific. Absolutely worth to see.

What else has been going on in my tedious life?
Just off the record, eversince I transferred school, I feel that my life isn't as monotonous as how it used to be. Cuz everyday I get to face challenges at SIC. Like, I learned playing volleyball, badminton, table tennis, billiard, microsoft excel (uncategorized but whatever) and thousands other things. I made friends with people I frequently met in my whole life in Cairo and misjudged from afar.
Unpredictable, yet enthralling.

By the way, so many people have birthdays in March. There's my ex, my dad, my best friend, my ex-classmate, my so-called crush (no, not Hey Monday, Hey Monday's disintegrated), Nashe, my anniversary with my ex (LMFAO) and more others. It's like all of those I cherish are linked, having something in common.

Off to bed. Band practice tomorrow.



I'm a fucking idiot.
This blog contains all private and personal feelings I endure. And being exposed to someone, who I never rarely mention everyday of my life, is exceedingly an ultimate mortification. It's like my clothes are being taken off by someone who I've been secretly having a fantasy of making love with.
Come on, it's a metaphor.
Thanks to my thoughtlessness, I forgot that I once had put my blog link in my facebook. At that time, my blog was inactive. So to my idiocy, I just typed it there in the contact info part. Months later, my blog is filled with my daily delicate rantings.
I mean, what if Hey Monday has read it already? That would be a logical explanation according to his recent ignorant manner. But I doubt that he would open my facebook profile, or even read my info. He's not interested, remember? 'Kay, this is pathetic and painful.
An amount of gratitude I pass to my ex, who I expect, will be reading this crap.


I skipped school today for the first time. I woke up and saw that it's 7:56 AM. And figured that I'm not gonna make it. So I drifted off to dreamland.