I think my blog link is no longer safe. I mean, I think everyone's able to read it now. And I also think that Hey Monday has read it already, and that he knows that he is Hey Monday. And off the record, he got this new spiky hairstyle that doesn't really fit with his face and made him become NOT that good looking anymore. HAH! EAT THAT!!
You know, his silent treatment to me has become a routine that I'm used to it already.

Midsemester exams starts on Sunday till Wednesday. Four subjects a day. The most harsh, injustice, callous exam schedule i've ever faced. THAT CURSED PRINCIPAL!!!!
Pray for me, guys, will ya?

I chatted with my ex yesterday, most of the conversation was filled with him telling me how he had been hypnotized and mesmerized by a girl out there, and that he's planning to start a quixotic relationship with her, even though she's two years older.
No, I'm not jealous or anything. I'm just relieved that he has moved on. And so have I.