I lost my goddamn cellphone.
The cellphone which I've kept and used for five bloody years. I don't give a shit about the photos in the gallery, or the love messages which mostly fill my inbox, but the CALENDAR! OMG. My calendar of which is full of the memos and anniversaries. Of when was the day I talked out of my boyfriend to make him say that he loves me (okay, I know that was on 20th June 2009), or the first day of my life when I joined the flag hoisting team (that was on 17th August 2009), or the first third time when I performed Indonesian Traditional Dance at the Diplomatic Reception (that was on 19th August 2009), or the first day I entered ISC (that was on January 2009 something) and etc. It's a good thing that I still have a blog. But an exposed one. UMF.
I'm gonna miss my Nokia 3230. Rest in peace, my dead phone. (the battery was already dead anyway before I've lost it).


Went out of town to Alexandria with family, nothin to do there, just the smell of the Mediterranean and the view of the traffic upon the hotel balcony. But I gotta say that the public transportation in Alexandria is way better than in Cairo itself.


I forgot to wish you guys a happy Ramadhan. My last Ramadhan was when I moved into this apartment. It seemed like so long ago. Lots of things have changed. *reminiscing*
Okay back to earth, I'm on my period *shit* so I'm allowed to curse.



I was handed over four tasks.

Greetings For New Indonesian Embassy Staff
14th Aug
It was so sudden when Aula texted me saying 'Kar, ure gonna sing an acoustic song in our band on 14th, ok?' 14th was just a couple of days to go. And to tell you the truth, I've never ever performed singing in front of numerous number of audience before. Especially in front of Indonesian Embassy staffs and not to mention the Indonesian ambassador in the flesh!
But well, in reality, I didn't really feel paranoid when I was 'assigned' to reveal the sound of my voice. In fact, I felt excitement, courage and just a teeny tiny doubt concerning my voice. How could they put a female hawk into this position? *self-reference*
We practiced every time we had a chance. It was only one song, which only took not more than 3 minutes. It was considered a phenomenon that we even had the opportunity to have a band practice when each of us were so burdened by other projects.
But all in all, we performed with pride and certainty. My voice, according to my closest friends, sounded good *I don't know if it was a fact, or if my pals were just trying to make me feel good*, I wasn't really worried about how my voice did sound, I just hoped that I didn't sing in a false note. And it looked like I didn't, I assume.
Zacky was part of the band too, by the way.

Not bad for my first performance, especially the part when the ambassador complemented on my voice when we shook hands. Aaw.
It was all for you, Mr. Ambassador, pleasure to do.

Indonesia's 64th Anniversary Ceremony
17th Aug
Flag hoisting team (or tim paskibra in Indonesian) is an extremely significant part of the 17th August 1945 Indonesian Annual Independence Day ceremony. Their duty is none other than to hoist and protect the red and white flag. It sort of resembles the movements of the marine soldiers, with all the strictness, discipline and formality. As I've mentioned in my previous post.
But this national duty has ended with pride and success. I even cried out of happiness when it was all over. It was an incredibly memorable experience.
I certainly gonna miss the hard practices we've gone through, the free food we've eaten, the uniform we've worn, the instructor (who was my civics teacher at ISC), the solidarity, the sweat, the unbelievably bogus way we sang the national anthem, and most of all, the overwhelming feeling of nationalism and patriotism which rarely passed by me.