Okay, good news.
I got my phone back.
Yeah, I'm serious.
It turned out that it was my aunt who kept it in her purse, and she forgot that it was with her all along. *speechless*
Surprisingly, I'm just relieved to find my old phone back rather than buying a new one.

This week, is the turning point of my life. If it's meant to be.
You see, every year the International Indonesian Schools all over the world build a competition called SILN (Sekolah Indonesia Luar Negeri). My school is invited, so next week they're gonna do a selection of that competition. The competition will be held in Makassar, Indonesia. And coincidentally, that's my hometown. OK, no. My parents' hometown. Regardless, I like it there more than in Jakarta. Because it's less polluted, less crowded and more environmental. Ha! That statement is just so go-greenish.
Anyway, back to the topic. There are five challenges. Storytelling, singing, dancing, the science of physics and economics.
I'm focusing on storytelling, but truthfully, I don't think I'm any good at either telling a story or choosing a story. But I'm gonna give it a shot.
Or maybe singing. Even though right now my throat is suffering from the cold and it feels so dry. So I might not produce vibrations, and that's the important element. I'm ill, by the way.
Or maybe dancing? I mean, last month I performed an Indonesian Traditional dance at a diplomatic reception. It was an internationally important reception, y'know. So I might try that too. If my body condition is fit by the day of the selection. Amen.
Physics and economics are a pair of my invincible enemies. This one's blacklisted.

The main thing is that I just really really need to pass the selection! And there're only 6 students who will be chosen to compete abroad. I NEED to go to Indonesia.
God, this is so stressful.
But my girlfriends and my boyfriend have complete faith in me that I can do this, that I'm gonna pass. And I'm just so scared of disappointing them if I don't make it.