I hate all the bullshits you talk.
I hate the sweet words you effortlessly say, without seeming to mean it.
I hate the way you support me, which puts any effect equal to zero. Or O point one.
I hate how you're clueless when it comes to handle me when I'm crying.
I hate how when I'm feeling blue, you couldn't color me green or yellow.
I hate it when I ask about your opinion, and you just reply, "it's up to you," or "whatever you like."
I hate the way you're always being a listener, never a talker.
I hate how you never seem to care about anything in my life, except what I'm currently doing.
I hate when you said you're gonna call.
I hate that you never called.
I hate how you constantly make me feel confused. And forcing me to have second thoughts.
I hate how you never make surprises.
I hate the way you have irrational fears.
I hate how you never pick me up, or take me home.
I hate how you fail to make me feel special.
I hate that you're not here.
I hate how I hate so much things about you and still can't make me leave you.

I'm a pathetic girl.