Life is so dog-tiring for me right now. I've no clue why am I always so serious about life, talking about crappy bullshits of "life being so boring" or "life is unfair". When the fact is that there're many other thousands of people who're having a much suffering life than mine. Like, some people couldn't have meals three times a day.
But come to think of it, why are they so tall? I mean, I eat enough, but why do I have to look like an elf? *this is so pathetic, self-humiliation*

I'm in the middle of exams, and tomorrow's physics. Plus, I'm acting like the world's possessive girlfriend. (That's his fault, why is he so attractive? Ok, I think it's my fault for having to choose someone so striking, and companionable)
So pardon my ambiguity.

Hmm. By Friday, the planets will start to revolve in a new orbit all over again.
My life has revolved in 2009. It's the best year I've ever had. It has drained all of my burden which I've carried since years and years before, replaced it with new friendly connections. Forgetting and forgiving our mistakes. It's like a reborn.
I don't know if this is the best part of my life (overall) or not. But anyhow, it's better than my previous one. But I'm hopefully looking forward to another better year.



God, I'm so addicted to Lady Gaga's songs. Is it true that she's bisexual? I mean, her voice is a lil boyish, but so cool. Her sense of fashion is epic, but also so cool. I think she's the coolest singer, and not only as a singer, but also as an entertainer.



I already knew from the very beginning, that going through a long distance relationship would need a persisting bond, and just enough money to buy phone credits and plane tickets.
Apparently, a persisting bond is harder to maintain than affording plane tickets to his place. It's not that I don't love him anymore. I truly love him, in every way, really. (Yes, you can predict a "but" coming..)
But.. (Ha!)
It's so hurting me. I wanna spend every second holding his hands (you might wonder, why do I keep talking about his hands?), feel his every steady breath. I don't know how he could keep himself stable all the time, and I'm his paranoid girlfriend, who obviously has abnormal issues in her life, indicating that she might suffer autism. But he just held on to me, never was bothered by any of my bizarre attitudes.
And for me, I don't wanna let go of him, no matter how my heart breaks whenever I feel like I couldn't be the best for the one who mattered me the most.
I might never gonna leave him, I don't ever want to, especially when it's only about the distance.



1. School competition is over.
I didn't win, and I never cared about winning. I just needed to have fun. Take a break from my boring life. Refresh. Make new friends whom I still in contact with right now.

2. After exactly 5 months of longing the face of the apple of my eye (this is quite a long sentence, not to mention so full of 'ofs'), our hands have finally intertwined again. It was such a wonderful sensation, makes me feel so.. I don't know. I can't even describe it.
Happy? Yes.
Sad? Yes.
Why? Because I was perfectly aware that this moment had to end sooner or later. I wanted it to last more.
And I had to look at our hands over and over again just to make sure that this wasn't a dream. And if it was, I wouldn't wanna wake up.
I never closed my eyes, I didn't wanna miss a thing.
I wanted to stop the time. And as far as how boring and commonly outdated that sounds, I can't help but saying it from the bottom of my blind heart.

3. I'm so bored in Cairo. Life here is dull.

4. I spent four days in Singapore before I went home, and I already felt like I'm home.
I loved the hippo bus, and the Bugis Jaunction, and nasi ayam, and the east coast, and how it pours every five minutes, and how it smells after it pours, and the Changi Airport, and the Flyer, and ice Milo, and the colorful apartments, and the Merlion, and and and.. and billion other things that would spend two days if I had to type it all.
And guess what? I've learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.
I know that's stupid, but why should you care?
As long as I'm happy.

5. I still love my boyfriend. And I want him here.

6. I have a new band. And I'm thrown to the position of being a vocalist, again.

7. I'm so tired of living in Cairo. And I just can't seem to stop complaining. But what would my complains do?
Nothing, exactly.