- Lost someone's trust.
- I do have problems with trusting people.
- Guy best friend messing up with our friendship.
- Couldn't figure out how he thinks in his complicated mind.
- Feeling lucky for having the greatest boyfriend.
- Ice rain in Egypt. Which rarely happens. Global warming, I guess.
- My lil baby sister getting bigger. Did I mention her name was Amira?
- Trying not to be selfish and rude.
- Taking courses in British Council under the orders of the father.
- The class is filled with adults whom all of'em are employed.
- I'm having fun. With, or without you.
- "We are the world" song for Haiti is incredible.
- Had a lot of arguments.
- Bought a vintage skirt at H&M.
- Cairo is still in a period of winter.
- I think I have a teeth problem.
- Zacky moved into a new apartment.
- Angklung concert coming.
- Painting class is so much fun.
- Dancing is fun too.
- You can call me past eleven PM but it won't happen again. It happened once, it happened twice, it happened three times, maybe four times.
- Bulletin Board.
- Need to watch Percy Jackson & the Olympians.
- Planning to go to London with Zacky, Auli & Eva. Hope it goes well.
- What. I think I'm finished here.



Thursday, 21st January
Rani asked me to accompany her to Costa Coffee. She said she wasn't gonna sit, she's gonna take away the coffee. I said alright whatever as long as we're going out. Then when we left Costa, we had to pass Zacky's apartment building because it's on the main street. Zacky's apartment building entrance door was transparent and I thought I'd seen candle lights reflecting the glass.
And yes, it turned out to be candle lights indeed.

"Happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday happy birthday,
happy birthday to you.."

Zacky, Rani, Eva and Yudi sang in different harmony like a catastrophic choir (since Zacky couldn't sing) while carrying an ice-cream cake shaped like tree branch, which I've once claimed that I wished to eat it before I die. The entire scene successfully made me tear. Invisibly, of course. (#_#)

Then I asked where Auli was. They said they couldn't reach him, so he didn't come. And we decided to surprise Auli too by knocking at his door, since his family all were going outside town. Poor Auli was left alone at home, so we'd come to entertain and make some noise.

In the end, we blew candles, ate the ice-cream-tree-branch-shaped cake, took photos, watched mission impossible III, phoned KFC delivery (my treat) at Auli's, who was sleeping beautifully before we came and disturbed his nap time.

Wonderful night.

5th February
Our school was invited at British's School funday. Sort of like an event where students just have fun at school wearing free clothes and perfom they talent on stage.
So we, from Indonesian school, had to show off our brilliance also. We performed in shape of band and traditional dance.
And from this experience, I learned that it was better to sing in front of co-operative unknown (to me) audience, than in front of the Indonesian Ambassador himself.

Wonderful day.

Present Day
Must go to H&M cause there's a big sale. I can't imagine if I missed it, I won't live with that.

Math exam today was really horrible. Means that last night's math lesson at Aula's was completely in vain. Although I've enjoyed the part when Aula's dad was caught smoking, Aula yelled to his small brothers and sisters and ordered them to beg to their father, saying, "daddy, i'm still little, i don't want to spend my future suffering diseases coming from your smoke."