Impossible is nothing. But some possibilities, are so likely impossible.

I wanna be as impossibly tall as Keira Knightley



I have so plenty of stuff to tell. I don't even know where to start. I might not even share the whole of it.
I've constantly warned myself to write them up if I wasn't busy putting my fingers in every pie, but myself wouldn't listen. And now the incidents are piling up.

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, RED SEA, 23/04 - 25/04
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This place is beautiful, sunny and full of lively moments. It took 8 hours of bus trip to reach there. 8 hours of sitting on my numb ass, but it was worth it.
Unfortunately, when we got there, our hotel separates the localstaff from the homestaff. Those are the levels of authority in the Indonesian Embassy. Generally, the homestaff has more authority than the locals. According to that, me and Rani are separated from Zaky and the rest. Because their parents are homestaff. Get it?
Okay nevermind.
So we only met at night, at this huge shopping and leisure centre called Naama Bay. And everytime we get together, we look like people who haven't bumped into each other for years. Well, it's quite reasonable because we wished that this was something we'd share together and not having segregated hotels.

Anyway, there was this incident, which was so touching for me.

Me and Rani were looking out on our friends who were swimming. At the edge of the swimming pool, there were rows of rocks and just behind it there was a narrow gutter but very deep. We sat on the rock and joked and laughed, and suddenly I felt something slipped from my pocket and there was this "PLUNG!" sound. It turned out that...
my precious phone fell in the Goddamn gutter

I don't know if this was a curse, or a sign that read I should get a new phone.
So I screamed hysterically (and managed to laugh hysterically too), and I ran panicking to the reception and asked for the security.
Dad, who was in charge of this trip and was coincidentally hanging around in the lobby, heard the locomotion and asked what happened.
I told him, "my phone fell in the water."
He was like, "oh well, so you don't have a phone now."
But he asked me to see where it fell. So, I lead the way.
When we reached the spot, my friends were gathering around murmuring and witnessing my phone dying slowly. It was a deep sewer, but the water was only like (?) 20 centimeters high.
Then out of the blue, my dad took of his expensive sneakers and socks, and handed me his valuable blackberry, and climbed down the sewer.

MY DAD CLIMBED DOWN THE SEWER... just to get his little girl's disheveled cellphone

Now, wouldn't you call that a huge sacrifice? I'll never forget that day.

And by the way, my phone has miraculously recovered, thanks to the best dad in the whole world.

Naama Bay
I love our togetherness. The warmth of the laughter that echoes from our stinky mouth and dirty jokes.
How sometimes we spit words randomly and have no idea what it means. And how one of us tries to tell a joke and turns out to be a dry one, and always ends up with another laughter.

I love you, freaks.

I don't know how the hell am I going to be insane again if they've gone away.



I'm having this weird thoughts, well, they aren't actually weird but almost confusing. It's kinda complicated that I don't even know how to write them, how to say them, especially to you.
I know I have someone, someone I claim that I love, someone whom I'm supposed to love irrevocably. I don't know if I still do have the feelings, the flings, the sparks, the chemistry.
Where did it go, all of it?
Where has it evaporated?
I haven't got the slightest damn idea. All that I know that it's gone. Gone with the wind, gone in the thin air like a bird feather or dandelion. Is it because of the distance? Is the space too big, between us? Has the gap separated our hearts?
No. We've gotten used to the distance, we've believed that distance is just something that tests how far our love would go. And we got an A on this test, baby.
No. Is there someone else? Someone I'd prefer being with more than you? I couldn't dare to think of that, because after all you've given to me, all your patience and understanding, this, is what I pay to you?
I know I'm not a good person. I know people have flaws, but my flaws are exceedingly across the limits.
And I'm sure positively, that you'll find someone who's better than me, who deserves your love and tenderness and appreciate it wholeheartedly, the way you want it to be.


I love this day



One day, there was a teacher in a classroom. She asked her students to close their eyes, and raise both of their hands openly. Then, she asked them to pray, "dear God, I want a candy."
All the students closed their eyes, hands wide open and said, "dear God, I want a candy."
The teacher then, told them to open their eyes, and asked them, "now, do you see any candy in your hands?"
The students saw their empty hands, and shook their heads.
The teacher smiled, and said, "now, do the same thing, but instead, say "dear teacher, I want a candy."
The students obeyed their teacher. They closed their eyes, hands wide open, and said, "dear teacher, I want a candy."
The teacher gave each students a candy, and told them to open their eyes, and said, "now, do you see any candy in your hands?"
The students saw the colorful candy in their hands and nodded happily.
The teacher smiled satisfyingly and asked, "does God exist?"
The students answered, "No."


I remember an incident at school. It was a mother's day. So, the principal asked each of us to write a letter to our mothers, and he has this man who will deliver the letters to our mom. And I remember how I thought of the words I was going to write because mom and I aren't as close as how a relationship between a mom and a daughter should be.


I felt a spark, when your fingertips touched the palm of my hand.



I simply like how I feel comfortably happy whenever your face flashes a smile to me when you say hi.



Friends don't let you do stupid things... alone.
But what if my friend wants to do stupid things that I don't wanna do? Okay, maybe I wanna do. But I have more important things to do. Does that mean I'm not her friend, or what?

When you have a guy best friend, who was nice, caring and whatever good things he does, and on the other side, you have this boyfriend who sent you a website link, said it was a gift, but it turned out to be a horror frightening link that would send you to shivers. No, it's not only that. Your boyfriend just doesn't care about you, although he isn't saying that directly. But you could just see the way he talks, the way he asks if you had any breakfast yet, just because we've run out of things to talk about. No, that is pathetic.

Oooh, what do I do?