I feel like typing something in here, but not sure what is there to say.

Idul Adha holiday is over now. There's school tomorrow and there's chemistry quiz coming up too, probably. But I don't know... I don't feel like reading through chemical stuff.
But I'm kind of excited about school tomorrow, even though I haven't been opening my books for awhile now. I guess staying at home just bores me to death (under circumstances of my mom and my siblings are currently in Indonesia) that being at school sounds a lot more fun.

I guess that's all there is to say.



I'm gonna write about yesterday. Cuz simply, lots of great and major things happened. Conveniently, it was the first day of Eid El-Adha (or more known as, festival of sacrifice).

All the students at our school gathered their money to afford two goats. The sacrifice was held right on one day after the occasion. I wish I had the pictures but I was too lazy to bring my DSLR camera. It's heavy and I was afraid that the blood would drop all over it. (Hyper, I know).
We had decided that this major plan should be held at our own school, with some of the teachers too to help us, and the cooking would be taken care by the girls.
But the cooking part turned so complicated that the wives of the teachers also came to assist us in mixing the spices and stuff. It was more intricate than we had thought it would be. But all in all, the cooking was a good experience. And I'm really grateful to those people who teached us to be improved (or still amateur?) cooks.

After all the meals are fit for human consumption and the place looked bloodless and neat, we invited the ambassador, his staff and the parents. It was pleasant. Our headmaster's speech was encouraging, and the ambassador's was inspirational. I learned tons of things about life that day.

Now here comes the most extremely fun part.

After all the guests have gone home, we started cleaning literally everything. Starting from the dirty dishes, till mopping the floor of the playground. The cleaning process took 2 hours, ended at 11 PM. The result, as you may guess, (except for the fact our entire clothes were soaking wet), the place looked spotless. And no scent of goat corpse reeked anymore.

It was undoubtedly a priceless experience that I'm positive none of us would dream to forget.

Again, I wish I had the photos.