I've been wanting to update my silent blog for weeks, but I was always burdened with academic preparations and other issues. I really should be studying right now for the upcoming National Exam which, apparently, causes stress and depression for the entire 12th grade students wherever they are, preparing to face it in this April. Not to mention university enrollments and entrance examinations.

Oh talking about college stuff, I got accepted at the Indonesian University. Major? Don't ask. Civil engineering. Long story.

This is so ironic. A year ago, when I was reading through college majors to predict which one I'd probably be interested at choosing it next year (which, hasn't really helped much in the "next year"), I spotted 'Civil Engineering' and I remembered thinking and whispering "what the hell is this major about? I don't like the way it sounds, there's no way I'm picking this one," and then I said some bad words which I don't think would be proper if I typed it in here.

But, eventually and finally, I faced the fact that I'm about to study how many bricks a particular building needs. Actually, in general, civil engineering studies teach you road, building and bridge structures, airport and harbor constructions, and those other stuff. (what stuff? I have no idea)
Basically, it's curriculum involves applied physics, basic chemistry, 3D drawing (I remember my old sketches of buildings n towers when I was 7, but I don't think they're qualified in this field), etc. (?!)

Okay. I may not know a lot from this major. YET. And I'm a bit scared. But looking on the bright side:

(1) This international system is a double degree (which will certainly be useful for getting a job later on).

(2) For the last two years, I'll be continuing my studies in Australia, a new place to explore. (but that depends on my grades, nevertheless...).

(3) The university has complete facilities, including swimming pools (yaay!).

(4) I can swim in the swimming pool everyday, for free.

(5) They're gonna teach us starting from the very basics. So no need to worry right now. It hasn't even started yet.

(6) A civil engineering graduate friend told me that you don't need to be so bright to survive (survive, he said) in this major, you just need to be freaking diligent.

(7) Dad is gonna be so exhilarated if he has an engineering graduate daughter. And that is enough to make up my mind about this.

(8) Besides, aren't you curious of knowing how many bricks does a building need? Of course you can get the answer from Uncle Google. But he's not gonna let you know the detailed process to the answer, is he?

And all that's left for me to do now is to graduate senior high. Wow, time does fly fast.