This blog totally feels like home. To be honest, I’ve created a Tumblr account a couple of days ago, and despite how simpler than Blogspot it functions, I end up coming back here. Well, I assume it’s mainly because I’ve written most of the important events of my life since how many years it’s been. And it’s a waste to abandon it. And it’s also unfair to Blogspot which has been patiently coping with my teenage drama these whole years. Hehh, I’m sorry I’ve betrayed you, Blogspot.

So, life goes on. And I’m no longer a teenager. I still do act like one though. The difference is that, I’m currently forced to live a lifestyle of a more mature and autonomous person; I don’t live with my parents anymore (although I’m under grandma’s roof, who is the parent of one of my parents), I’m a million light years away from them, I have my own credit card, I’m more careful in spending money, I go almost everywhere by myself in a city I barely recognize and coincidentally reported to have a high percentage of criminal actions, my breasts are getting bigger (what? This is totally part of being mature), and I take care of every academic requirements for university enrollments by myself, and I only contact my parents if I have financial problems. Or mental issues such as feeling homesick. In which, I have been having quite recently.

I’m shifting to a new phase of life now and it still feels unfamiliar. I still long for the life I lived in Cairo, simply because it was home. I don’t know how my classmates –who are also out there admitting to several universities-, have gotten over the strange sensation in a short period of time, while I’m still stuck in it desperately. Although, sometimes a good way of covering it is to hang out in crowded places and look for nice things to buy. There are so many tasty food and unique items available throughout the countless shops and stalls in Jakarta. There are too many of them that they could distract your melancholic thoughts even temporarily.

I just might get over it, I don’t know when.

So here’s my Reaching-For-Success (RFS) Plan, since I’m dying to study medicine, and observing the challenging process of getting into the faculty, I’ve decided to apply for the New Students Selection Exam of Indonesian University, which is famously abbreviated as Simak Test, an excruciatingly difficult test for an average-minded student like me. I’m still very pessimistic concerning it. Reasonably, the highest passing grade falls on the faculty of medicine. Which, is the faculty I’m dying for. Gosh. How can I ever…. Nevermind.

Technically, if I don’t pass that one, I’m also applying for Cairo University. Although, I’m really having second thoughts about it, despite that I’ll be taking the courses in Cairo, with my family, with my familiar sensation. You just wonder that, wouldn’t it be a waste if I spent half of my life in one place?

Anyways, Cairo University is still on the list.

Well, if I don’t get accepted neither in Indonesian University through Simak Test, nor in Cairo University, then I’ll be taking civil engineering of which I'm already accepted in from the beginning.

And I’ll be miserable by then.

Okay it’s getting late and I have an early class of Simak tomorrow. Of which I’m not so looking forward to despite having many friends already.