EID MUBARAK 1432/2011

On this blessed occasion, I say to all of my families, my friends, my colleagues, the person who hurts me the most but also gives the biggest joy to my life, to the people whom I just have met and to the strangers I pass by on the sidewalk,

Happy Eid El-Fitr! May all of our prayers and Iman duties we've been carrying out pure heartedly are accepted by Allah SWT.

I apologize sincerely for all the wrongs I did to anyone, whether they were intentional or not, whether in form of deeds or spoken words. Let's end all the hatred and conflicts peacefully, and start a fresh page :)

I don't normally share pictures, but.. ah well :))

me and my grandma,
who's been kindly taking good care of me in Indonesia

me and my cousins,
who are living under the same roof

left to right: my uncle, my ugly self, my grandma, my aunt, my cousins

my... family :))

Okay. Chao.