It's been a year since my last post.

Ah well, my long absence does not indicate that I have not been posting at all. I did mention that I own another blog I share with a very dear person. That person has become someone incredibly significant in my life. One day I will dedicate a post on how his existence has truly influenced my life dynamically.

Time never has waited for anyone, huh? As you may already guess, a lot has taken place in one year. But honestly, it was the toughest year of my life. And I'm sure I will face tougher moments ahead as I increase in age and approach death. Tough moments will keep me struggle. I have lost and gained a number of friends, and managed to keep in touch with those who have known me a long time ago. I lost and gained the hearts of several teachers. I've begun to slowly understand the systems of health, education, and politics in my own country.

There's something crucial about how I've spent my educational years in Indonesia. Three years of preclinical years have passed, yet, I feel like I haven't learned anything but the misfit culture of Jakartans. Three years was more than enough to convince me that I no longer want to pursue any degree in Indonesia, including a medical specialist degree. Many people refuse to spend their professional years in Indonesia and work in other countries instead, where they claim that they're more appreciated with what they do in those places. People in those places take and give to serve others. I'm still not sure what is it that is not working with me being here. But the hardest thing, as far as I am aware, is dealing with the people and the system (oh wait, that's everything then? Haha). Okay whatever. I just feel that I don't fit here.

And that is why, ladies and gentleman, I'm very eager to get back to Cairo and spend a year in the UK to attain my master degree. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with that degree, but for now, I do not envision myself as a researcher.

Oh, talking about the experience of being a researcher, I have been working on my experimental thesis. And boy, it got me figuring out that I really have no interest in becoming a researcher. Okay, I made that clear. Twice. My thesis was incredibly boring and I am not sure anyone would benefit anything from it because the result wasn't really significant. But I'm not here to ramble about my thesis

I have lost and gained a number of friends. Those who have stayed supporting me, are incredibly awesome and patient people who are gifted with tolerance. People that I will always remember and will constantly be there even if I have indulged in my own world and forgot about theirs. I might be very focused in accomplishing life targets, but I discovered that helping those people or whoever who needs an immediate one feels so great, even that my family have always tried to warn me that, most of the time, helping people will delay my own progress in life, and I will just be taken for granted. I admit that sometimes it does feel that way, but other times, it feels incredible.

InsyaAllah I will try to keep posting. I have to pack now to get ready for my return to the land of pyramids.