Basically, it was how I spent my birthday week. I received numerous surprises. Alhamdulillah.

But the most unexpected surprises were from Zaky and friends, and Fadhilah. Zaky, Dhika, Dion, Rizka and her boyfriend Faris came to Mak Cia's house in the middle of heavy rain and flood. They walked from the car to the house shoeless while carrying a birthday cake from Tous Les Jours. Later, I learned that they created a group on LINE to work on this conspiracy with other precious ones including my significant other, Etsa, Widura, Fadhilah, and Ikhsan (I hope I've mentioned all of them).

Fadhilah presented her surprise by showing up when I was on a date with my significant other. With a big bag from The Body Shop! Goodness!!! :)) She knew how I was head over heels with The Body Shop products (and still am). And she showed up just a day before I flew to Cairo.

I'm so thankful and blessed to have friends and family around. :)