The Best People in Newcastle

Hello. I realize that I have been posting feelings that sound depressing and hopeless. What can I say, I did and still am going through a phase of heartbreak, one which I wouldn't discuss in this particular post. As life has its ups and downs, I need to focus and write more about the 'ups'. 

I have to say, that I'm amazed about how people, who were previously complete strangers, can deeply and sincerely care about you. And I'm extremely grateful that I met such people. Frankly, it has been awhile that I've experienced girl friendship of which feels secure and trustworthy. Because as some of you might have experienced it, it can be dramatic most of the time with all the gossips, backstabbing, and envy spirit. 

But I met these girls, Ilaria the Italian and Paniz the Iranian, and they are simply two of the best people in my life. Ones that fill my days with endless stories of how they spent their day, ones that accompany me during the meal times, ones that have seen me in my dirtiest, hopeless, saddest, happiest, exciting moments in my life, ones that made me feel that a group of girls can wholly trust each other without all the drama, and ones that don't give me a chance to question their sincerity at all, and I tell you, it's one of the best feelings ever.

Even though they don't share the same belief and have a different lifestyle in terms of interest and relationships, I'm very much thankful that God had sent them to take care of me during my stay in Newcastle. It wasn't just the countless support that they have given to me, but they trusted me enough to share their personal perspectives on things in life of which have opened my mind and helped me to love and appreciate myself better than I used to, and at the same time they happen to be great listeners. 

 It's incredible that they never hesitate to give a helping hand, on whether I need to borrow money, a waterproof jacket, or a shoulder to cry on. And it's surprising how they can read through me when I am feeling shitty and decide to keep everything bottled up inside because of my trust issues I have with people. But these people particularly, they were able to break that wall of distrust.

Instead of feeling envious of others' unique abilities, these girls really know how to encourage me and my potentials. They actually had me believe that I have potentials.

Do you ever wonder, if that friend of yours would do an extra mile to draw a smile on your face? Paniz and ila, they would do sweet little things, only to make me feel special and that I belong somewhere, that I mean something to them.

Even though the time hasn't come yet, I dread the day when I have to leave Newcastle. I couldn't imagine a single day without them as they were part of my routines and not being able to joke around with mean and dirty Persian and Italian phrases, and gossip about the American girl living next door to me. I couldn't imagine no more of the late night talks in either one of our rooms, while Ila brushes and irons my hair. I couldn't imagine no more nights of watching movies and Grey's anatomy in our living room, and spending more time talking. I couldn't imagine the special feeling of them hearing me sing and play guitar and their faces of genuine awe and appreciation. You are one of the few people in my life that will leave a significant place in my heart that feels like home. A home that I will always miss, and will return to one day time after time (once I have the money to visit Italy and the UK).

Maybe for the first time ever, I feel that I'm blessed with a mature friendship, that was built for less than a year but would last a lifetime.

Grazie, Ila. Merci, Paniz.